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Real Estate Tips

Prepare to Succeed

Why is buying a home such a nerve-racking experience for many people? Are there ways to cut down on the stress of buying your biggest single investment? Yes there is, as long as you do your homework. A large part…

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To Tattoo or not to Tattoo

Have you ever seen someone’s tattoo design and thought, “What were they thinking?” Or maybe you have a tattoo and questioned your choice of ink art. Now have you ever gone to someone’s house or seen one on TV and…

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A bomb?…No, just cheese.

“Sir, is that a bomb in your bag?” “No, it’s my cheese.” I’m sure the conversation wouldn’t be quite so cordial, but that’s a situation I potentially faced at the airport. I was bringing different gourmet-type cheese from Oahu to…

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Surviving Small Spaces

How much would you pay for 86 sq. ft. of living space? Probably not much, but a young woman on “House Hunters International” on HGTV toured that studio apartment in Paris. The list price…about $140,000! Can you believe that?!? Sure…

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State of the Housing Market

President Barack Obama spoke to the country last night to inform the American people about his vision for the future of this nation in his State of the Union address. The economy was the main focus of his speech as…

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Millions of Dollars Unclaimed

An article in today’s StarAdvertiser focused on the millions of dollars in unclaimed property that the state of Hawaii acquired in the last fiscal year, nearly 18 million dollars to be exact. This money comes from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed…

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