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Tenant Tips to Avoid Getting Dinged for Cleaning Fees Upon Move Out

Tenants pay attention…here are some useful tenant tips to keep in mind the next time you’re on the move. These are the top items in our experience that tenants forget to clean which may lead to cleaning fees upon moving out of a rental. Remember these items the next time you move out of a place to hopefully avoid being charged for cleaning.

  1. Washer & Dryer…new tenants don’t want to find an old sock or hair left behind.

  2. Ceiling fans…you may not have noticed, but those things get DIRTY.

  3. Cabinets…if you left something behind, that means you didn’t clean that cabinet.

  4. Windows & Screens…it’s hard work, but the interior and exterior need to be cleaned also.

  5. Kitchen appliances…the fridge and stove should be emptied and cleaned of all food residue. One place almost always missed is the drawer below the oven. Although not often used, that doesn’t mean its clean so be sure to check and clean it out.

Most people don’t consider cleaning to be a fun activity, especially during the stressful time of moving. Consider hiring a cleaner to do the job for you. It could save you some headaches and even some money in the long run.


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